Drowning in Big Data?

Drowning in Big Data?

Managing big data is like drinking from a firehose. The data comes fast and furious. The question is, are you managing big data or is it drowning you?

Big, unstructured data comes in all shapes, sizes and sources. Keeping up has become a corporate mandate versus a nice-to-have. Managing an everchanging stream of big, unstructured data can mean the difference between surfing the waves of opportunity or going down the drain.

However, managing big data can often be an overwhelming endeavor leaving business intelligence experts gasping for breath. MOBI data is continuous and organized in pre-defined, structured databases by industry, category and dimension.

There is a new generation of big data called mass opinion. With hundreds of thousands of online opinions expressed each second, that adds up to a huge source of reliable and predictive business intelligence. For the first time, there is a direct correlation in what people express online to their actual behavior.

Savvy executives are lapping up this new source of business intelligence to formulate corporate strategies that anticipate opportunity and forewarn against threats. MOBI data has proven to be highly predictive measuring consumer purchasing and behavioral intent around brands, products and companies.

Whether used alone or in combination with internal information such as transactional or operational data, mass opinion business intelligence can help you do a better job tracking and assessing the near-term future across the entire enterprise from operations to finance.

Leveraging data-driven strategies that incorporate mass opinion as part of a fully integrated business intelligence system provides a significant competitive advantage. Only MOBI provides continuous consumer sentiment information across the entire competitive landscape.

Boldly Go

Boldly Go

Get a fix on your position in the competitive universe. Discover where you stand in the galaxy of consumer opinion. Use it to chart your course.

The Internet is vast, chaotic, untamed, and consumers express themselves in billions of comments each day. Given the vast expanse of online conversations how much do you really know about your competitive position today? Downloading the universe of consumer

sentiment, much like boiling the ocean, is daunting. WiseWindow scans the entire social mediaverse for conversations, building a complete picture of consumer opinions. Use WiseWindow’s real-time, continuous data to help plot your true competitive position.

Companies using keywords to locate their competitive position in the galaxy of consumer opinion discover less than 10% of what WiseWindow can tell them. We take in the social mediaverse, contextualizing conversations by source, sentiment, and multiple data dimensions.

And since your mission involves keeping a watchful eye on your competitors, we give you not just your position, but theirs as well, allowing you to spot new challenges and opportunities that often seem to hurtle out of nowhere, invisible until impact.

The universe is expanding and every celestial body is constantly in motion. A complete map of the universe is helpful when updated in real time. WiseWindow tracks the universe of consumer opinion and aggregates it daily so you know where you are, and what is moving and changing.

We detect changes in opinion, tastes, and trends when they are still just a blip on the radar screen, When something unexpected happens, your real-time view lets you react at warp speed, helping you maintain your competitive edge.

Are you race-ready?

Are you race-ready?

Consumers move fast. You need real-time data to keep pace with their intentions and pull ahead of the competition.

If your business intelligence can’t keep up with every twist in the road, how can you steer? From pop stars to pork futures, values rise and fall based on public opinions—virally propelled by social media and user-generated content.

WiseWindow captures millions of Web conversations daily and distills them into a real-time view of consumer sentiments across many industries—so that you can see the bends before you come to them.

By keeping its finger on the pulse of consumer opinion, WiseWindow provides leading indicators that let you find out how that product idea is being received now, not in three months, while there’s still time to swerve. WiseWindow data tells you what people say they want

and are not getting…online, unfiltered and uncensored. Every minute, WiseWindow provides a real-time view into consumer intent and mass opinion, giving you the inside track to steer your course and pull ahead of the competition.

Traditionally, companies set a strategy and check results every month or quarter only to discover later whether it was working or not. Not anymore. Using WiseWindow’s real-time data, companies can tell which messages and strategies are working and which ones aren’t,

find out about strategies they never considered, and discover whether they’re about to be hit head-on by market disruption. They can change speeds and direction, slamming the brakes on failures and pushing the pedal to the floor on successes.

A Crystal Ball for Consumer Intent

A Crystal Ball for Consumer Intent

Consumers move too fast for surveys or number crunching to keep up. You need real-time data or risk running off the road.

Most forecasts first look backward and then extrapolate into the future. This is like projecting your spending based on your two-week vacation—without taking the rest of the year into account. Predictions about spending habits are more than

a numbers game, and a live window on consumer intentions is more valuable than any two-week snapshot. Fortunately, consumers signal their intentions millions of times a day online. Hidden in these mass opinions are the seeds of future action.

WiseWindow’s patented Mass Opinion Business Intelligence (MOBI) perpetually crawls the Web capturing comments, analyzing their contents, and distilling them into a database of intentions. The volume and intensity of these opinions can be traced over time, helping

pave the way for more accurate predictions, whether it’s the correlation between the value of mass opinion and record sales, the opening weekend tally of a blockbuster, or gift purchases during the holiday season.

Something is missing in business intelligence: the customer. What passes for intelligence today is cut-and-dried reports looking backward rather than forward. But the question isn’t only what people did last quarter. It’s what they are thinking right now.

WiseWindow’s MOBI data is the missing piece in business intelligence—a powerful, additional predictive variable used in combination with other BI to build models of consumer behavior.

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